The staff is always courteous and knowledgeable. They have always helped me solve any issues I have with the products I've purchased.
William Ramsey, on Google
What can I say?? I really LOVE my hearing aids!! Didn't think my hearing was this bad, until I got my new hearing aids!! Thanks Johnson Audiology! Morene Cangemi
J Morene Cangemi, on Google
The staff are so completely understanding and non-judgemental. I have had hearing loss since the military and have suffered since 2000. VA benefits were nowhere to be found but the staff jumped through hoops to help me hear what I have been missing. I cannot say enough for Audibel.
Franklin Holliday, on Google
I totally love my new hearing aids... I knew (and had been told many times) that I needed hearing aids but had no idea just how bad I needed hearing aids...until I was tested and fitted with hearing aids. Now the diffrence is incredible! I cannot begin to tell you how how much better my life is... the hearing aids are so comfortable to wear I hardly can tell they are there except for the difference they make in my hearing... The people at Audiel in Hixson, Elisia and Jean have been exceptional in service, understanding my needs and helping me to make this decision... If you are having trouble hearing, trust me, first of all it will only get worse from now on... You may think you can't afford hearing aids, that you don't really need them, or that its not the right time to get them... BUT Audibel makes it affordable, comfortable and easy to attain them and you will be glad you did it when you hear the things you have not been hearing without them... For your own sake , and those you love , dont put it off, have your hearing tested, and if you need them, it is the best possible investment you can make .... Honestly I cant believe I waited as long as I did, thinking my hearing wasnt "that bad"...Don't make that mistake... Just tell them You heard it from Buster Evans when you go in.. They'll treat you like family there, and you'll Love the difference being able to hear again will make!!!
Buster Evans, on Google
Ronnie J Roe, on Google

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